We´re the perfect combination of Parisian-charm, city-chic style and emerging design. Always with an exquisitely playful appeal for the romantic, almost grown up fashion explorer with desire for details that never goes out of style. Atelier Rouge dress your nails as the go-to brand for a flawless and fresh self-served manicure. The Atelier delivers stylish and creatively playful polishes and lacquer influenced by emerging trends resembling the fashion insiders next catch. For that weekly, or why not daily, color swap you’ll always find the must-have-color of the season as well as the mainstays. We´re your first class self-service of choice. Rummage through our oh-so-lovely yet impeccably curated nail wardrobe, style, play and mix your own match. At every occasion your outfits are to be on point thanks to your Atelier Rouge polished details.